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Hello, long lost friends!  I feel like it’s been years since I wrote in this space…oh, wait…it has been years!  I know I said that posting here was a goal of mine in 2017, but clearly that goal wasn’t achieved.  So…2020 is going to be my year!  It’s never too late, right?  This will be my third go at being active here.  It has to work this time.

Seeing as how I introduced myself to you in January of 2017, I better recap that part again.  So much has changed since then, but at the same time, it’s all very much the same.  

We no longer live in England.  I have very mixed feeling about being back home.  I loved England!  The UK had me at hello.  From the moment our plane began to land and I could see Britain out the window, I was smitten with the place.  I loved the green patchwork fields, the weather, the people, the smell of the air, the slow pace of life, and the cobblestone sidewalks.  But, I missed my family, Hobby Lobby, and American sports, so being back has its perks, too.  We’ve planted ourselves in Idaho for now and are really loving it here!  

I still start each day with black coffee and my prayer journal.  I don’t really have the desire to travel at the moment, which is oddly nice.  I’m happy just being at home.  Rylee and Rosabelle are still with us, I still watch The Golden Girls on a daily basis, I really only use peppermint and lavender essential oils, my gardening skills are about as good as my blogging skills, and I still love to cook.  My daughter doesn’t do dance anymore, but she’s still swimming.  Lots and lots of swimming!  She’s a freshman this year and continues to homeschool.  My husband is still tall and mysterious and I still call him Annie. 

My Silver Pie had to hop into the back seat for a bit during our move, but it’s up and operational again, which is nice.  Making jewelry has always been such a calming activity for me.  When things get crazy and life gets busy, I just want to hole up in my studio and create.

Well, I think that about sums up where I’m at in life right now.  Just like most of you, I’m chugging along, making the most of each day, and enjoying the little moments.  That’s really all you can do, isn’t it?

Cheers! xx